Lighting Up Christmas: Tips for Outdoor Lighting in Calgary

As the holiday season approaches, the charm of Calgary is further brightened by the twinkling gem lights adorning homes and streets. The tradition of lighting Christmas lights is not just about the festive spirit, but also a creative expression of the household. While the idea of outdoor lighting is enthralling, the task might seem daunting, especially with the numerous Christmas lighting options available in Calgary. This article will guide you through selecting and installing the perfect outdoor lighting in Calgary to make your home a radiant spectacle during Christmas. We will also unveil some essential tips for outdoor lighting, which will not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also ensure safety. 

1. Discover Your Lighting Preferences

Calgary has a unique charm during Christmas, and selecting the right type of lights can accentuate this beauty. 

Temporary Holiday Lighting: Known for their aesthetic appeal and the festive atmosphere they create, these gem-like lights are the choice for a traditional and elegant lighting solution. Their luminous glow can transform the exterior of your home into a captivating winter wonderland.

Temporary or Permanent Trim Lights: Trim lights are versatile and can be placed along the edges of your roof, windows or doors, offering a neat and organized look, it is a wonderful Christmas lighting solution for homeowners in Calgary.

Permanent Christmas Lights: If the semi-annual setup and take-down of lights seems tiresome, then permanent Christmas lights is the go-to solution. These permanent Christmas lights are designed to endure the harsh Calgary winters while retaining their sparkle.

christmas lights installation calgary
The most important tip for decorating your home for Christmas is to unleash your creativity!

2. Design Your Lighting Scheme

The design phase is crucial in achieving a picturesque outcome. Whether you’re considering more festive outdoor lights or a subtle arrangement, planning the design helps in determining the quantity and type of lights needed. It’s an opportunity to explore creative themes and patterns that resonate with your festive spirit. Are you looking for something more extravagant, with Christmas lights adorning all the trees, bushes, roof, and even windows and porches? Or are you looking for a traditional, simple, yet elegant Christmas decor? Would you like to make the yard more fun and fairy-tale-like by putting up an inflatable Santa and all his reindeers? Or do you prefer the modern, simple, yet dazzling LED projectile screen lights? Either way, don’t forget to put in the time and energy to decorate your home! It is the annual celebration where you host friends, reunite with your families, and have kid-like fun.

3. Explore Customization Options

The advancement in lighting technology now allows homeowners to customize the lighting effects. Explore options that allow you to change colors, adjust brightness, or even control the lights remotely. This feature adds a fun element, enabling you to alter the lighting based on your mood or the occasion.

4. Maintenance and Safety Checks

Regular maintenance checks are essential to ensure that your lighting setup remains intact and safe. Check for any loose wires, broken bulbs, or any other potential hazards. It’s advisable to switch off the lights during the day to save energy and prolong the life of your lights. Make sure all your wires are resilient and weatherproof, specifically look out for the rubber wrapping the wires. You wouldn’t want your wires to crack when they cannot survive the harsh Calgary winter, and then the inside wire touches the snow and causes a short-circuit.

5. Safety First

When lighting Christmas lights in Calgary, safety should be your priority. According to a report by Statistics Canada, 45% of holiday-related injuries are due to falls from ladders. Besides taking extra care when using a ladder, or when assisting someone using one, make sure the lights are securely fastened, and the wiring is properly insulated to prevent accidents or accidental contact, especially by children. It’s also advisable to turn off the lights when not in use to save energy and ensure longevity.

outdoor lighting for christmas
Roofline, porch, fence, greenery… so many places where you can put Christmas lights!

6. Seek Professional Installation

After reading through the above, are you having second thoughts about this decorating for Christmas thing? Indeed, embarking on a DIY project might seem tempting, but to think about the hassle – shopping, hanging, maintenance, takedown, and especially storage – who has room for a large spool of lights?

Fortunately, there is still the option to ‘outsource’ your Christmas decoration project. Hiring professionals in Calgary for Christmas light installation ensures safety and perfection. These professionals are trained to handle the installation efficiently, saving you time and potential mishaps. Moreover, a professional can provide insights into the best lighting solutions tailored for your property.

7. Five Star Holiday Decor for your Christmas Light Installation in Calgary

Here at Five Star Holiday Décor Calgary, we provide each of our customers with a free site visit to ensure we set you up with the best festive outdoor lights at the best price possible. Although we can and do provide a fairly accurate price range with our over-the-phone estimating, we definitely prioritize on-site visits as well.

By coming on site, we’ll not only be able to lock down accurate pricing, but we’ll also be able to work with you to design a unique outdoor Christmas lighting display.

We also prioritize designing and installing them in a way that will make your property look its absolute best. When we come on site, we’ll be able to work with you to bring your vision to life and provide you with a practical, effective outdoor Christmas lighting solution.

In addition to providing and installing stunning Christmas lights for homeowners in Calgary, we at Five Star Holiday Decor take a few steps forward: our full-service holiday lighting packages actually cover all the aspects of lighting Christmas lights – from design, installation, to takedown, maintenance, and storage in a temperature-controlled facility. So you wouldn’t have to lift a finger from start to finish; know that someone will take really good care of everything for you. 

Sounds tempting? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling 403-263-5526! A member of our Customer Success team will will delight in helping you!

festive outdoor lights
Stunning light canopy, created professionally for Christmas.

8. Enjoy and Share the Joy

Once your home is adorned with enchanting lights, it’s time to revel in the joyous ambiance. Share the festive spirit with your neighbors, friends, and family. The festive outdoor lights are not just a visual delight but a medium to spread the warmth and joy that Christmas brings.


Lighting festive outdoor lights for Christmas is a cherished tradition in Calgary. With a blend of the right lights, professional installation, and a dash of creativity, your home can become a luminous emblem of festivity. As you light up your home, you contribute to the communal spirit of Christmas, making Calgary a wonderland of lights. This season, let the lights reflect the joy, hope, and warmth that resides in every heart.

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