Where to see Christmas Lights in Edmonton: 2023 Edition

Have you started to expect Christmas? We certainly are! It is the annual period where the world loves lights just as much as we do! If you happen to wonder where you could find and see the best, most enchanting and fascinating holiday lighting in Edmonton in 2023, this is the article to read! Where we have found, picked, and mapped out 10 places to see Christmas lights in Edmonton for you!

1. Zoominescence

outdoor Christmas lights in Edmonton
Snippets from the 2022 Zoominescence Event.

Every winter, Edmonton Valley Zoo hosts Zoominescence: A Festival of Lights, a dazzling exhibition in Edmonton featuring artistically decorated Christmas lights. Celebrating light, art, and imagination, the festival is one of Edmonton’s most popular events during the holiday season. Given Edmonton’s location, the city utilizes winter lights to illuminate the spirit and bring warmth during the cold and dark season.

When: Starts on December 1st, 2023 and runs until January 3rd, 2024

Where: The event takes place at the Edmonton Valley Zoo

Fee: Tickets for this event are priced under $15, making it an affordable and delightful holiday activity for children and adults. 

Highlight: Zoominescence offers an enchanting experience for children and families with lighting tunnels, illuminated animal-shaped displays, light-adorned sceneries everywhere, and tech-y light displays such as a digital wall made of string lights with changing patterns. Great photo opportunities abound throughout the event.

2. ICE District & Rogers Place

Outdoor commercial Christmas lights
Highlights from the 2022 ICE District Spectacle.

The ICE District is set to dazzle Edmontonians with a festive calendar of events from December 23 to January 1, celebrating the winter solstice, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. The district will be adorned with fancy sparkly outdoor Christmas lights in Downtown Edmonton, which are illuminated for free viewing after Remembrance Day.

When: Apart from the festive celebrations spanning from Dec. 23 to Jan. 1, the snow maze opens on December 23 and continues until January 28, with the lights available earlier for visitors to enjoy.

Where: The festivities take place in the vibrant ICE District.

Fee: Enjoy the sparkling outdoor Christmas lights for free.

Highlight: Picture yourself engaging in these festive activities under star-like lights, and later, imagine skating with Santa Claus! Notable lighting structures include a bell ring, mega Christmas trees, and a golden lighting canopy over the skating rink, providing a perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories with friends and family.

3. Downtown City Hall Centre

Decorative lights
The captivating light canopy in the heart of Edmonton.

The lights are already aglow at the City Hall plaza, featuring a captivating light canopy. The atmosphere is enchanting and romantic, offering a perfect setting for a cozy evening.

When: The lights are already on, creating a magical ambiance for visitors to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

Where: Downtown City Hall Centre.

Fee: Free.

Highlight: The lighting canopy provides a romantic ambiance, creating a cozy atmosphere with tables and chairs provided—an ideal spot for families to gather and capture beautiful moments. It’s a perfect destination for those seeking a festive and photogenic winter experience in the heart of the city.

4. Winter Whyte Light Up 

Christmas lights in Edmonton
Photo credits to Explore Edmonton for capturing the landmark gazebo and MEGA trees.

Every year, on the last Saturday of November, Wilbert McIntyre Park in Old Strathcona lights up to announce the start of the Christmas celebration. The event features entertaining performers, beautifully decorated Christmas lights surrounding the park, and a spirited celebration to kick off the holiday season.

When:Winter Whyte Light Up” takes place on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

Where: The event is located at Wilbert McIntyre Park, with the address at 8303 – 104 Street NW, Edmonton.

Fee: Entry to this festive event is free.

Highlight: You can see the skillfully decorated, signature building structure of the park—the gazebo—lit up with Christmas lights. The surrounding greenery is also adorned with festive lights. Additionally, various MEGA trees enhance the festive lighting experience, adding more awe to the park.

5. MacEwan University 

Christmas lights installer in Edmonton
The glow of lights at the core of MacEwan University.

With the enchanting display of lights, the campus is illuminated with a festive glow. The lights create a magical atmosphere, offering a delightful experience for all who pass by, especially those heading to the library. (Oh, finals!)

When: The lights are switched on in mid-late November, providing a seasonal spectacle for visitors.

Where: The luminous display takes place throughout MacEwan University, creating a captivating scene for students and the community to enjoy.

Fee: Entry to this festive display is free, inviting everyone to swing by and partake in the holiday spirit.

Highlight: The lights at MacEwan University provide a great view, enhancing the journey to the library with a touch of festive magic. Whether you’re a student, faculty member, or a passerby, the illuminated campus adds a special charm to the winter season. Take a moment to appreciate the holiday ambiance as you make your way through the campus.

6. Currents of Windermere

festive outdoor lights for Christmas in Edmonton
At the center of Currents of Windermere during Christmas.

This festive showcase includes a dazzling lighting tunnel, mega Christmas trees, a golden lighting canopy, and, if by chance, captivating ice sculptures.

When: The lights brighten up in mid-late November, offering a seasonal treat for visitors.

Where: Currents of Windermere plaza.

Fee: Enjoy the spectacle for free.

Highlight: Presents a dazzling lighting tunnel, towering mega Christmas trees, and a radiant golden lighting canopy—all enhancing the holiday shopping experience and making the outside not as dark or cold.

7. Millwoods Town Centre

LED Christmas lights outdoors in Edmonton
Ho, ho, ho! The North Pole has come to town!

If the outdoors is too cold and you prefer indoor activities to appreciate Christmas lights, Millwoods Town Centre is a good place for you. During the Christmas season, the interior transforms into a spectacular winter wonderland with Christmas tree lights, holiday decorations, and a visit from Santa Claus, allowing you to fully embrace the holiday spirit in warmth.

When: The lights brighten up after Remembrance Day.

Where: Millwoods Town Centre, Edmonton

Fee: Free.

Highlight: In addition to the stunning lights, the photo session with Santa offers an opportunity to capture special moments with your dearest family. You can also immerse yourself in lively holiday performances, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful lights.

8. Londonderry Mall 

Interior commercial-grade LED light
Interior of Londonderry Mall: Dramatic and artistic as promised.

If you want to enjoy the sight of Christmas lights while doing your holiday shopping, Londonderry Mall is another place to go. The interior lighting decor offers a visual feast during your festive shopping experience. Plus, there will be a photo session with Santa.

When: Lights are on after Remembrance Day and throughout the holiday season.

Where: Londonderry Mall.

Fee: Free. 

Highlight: Londonderry Mall’s interior lighting decor is renowned for its creativity and artistry, offering a unique backdrop for holiday shopping. The photo session with the North Pole Crew is just one more reason to visit!

9. Butler Memorial Park

Decorate Christmas lights
Behold the most amazing lighting canopy in Edmonton, photo by @shoffman.ab on Instagram.

“Light Up the Park”: This festive occasion marks the beginning of a season filled with enchanting Christmas lights. Witness the park transform into a dazzling spectacle, featuring vibrant Christmas lights and lively holiday performances.

When: Light Up the Park” takes place on Friday, November 17th, igniting the holiday until the end of the holiday season.

Where: Butler Memorial Park is located on 15715 Stony Plain Road, conveniently situated next to the Jasper Place Transit Centre.

Fee: Entry to the “Light Up the Park” event is free.

Highlight: Experience not only the most beautiful, dazzling, and colorful lighting canopy in town but also a variety of vibrant Christmas performances. It’s fun for the whole family, and there’s hot cocoa too!

10. Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane in Edmonton
Who’s ready for candy canes?

Since its establishment in 1968, Candy Cane Lane has been a beloved event orchestrated by volunteers and residents. This festive extravaganza invites everyone to enjoy the enchanting lights and decorations, all crafted, assembled, and purchased by the dedicated residents themselves.

When: Candy Cane Lane transforms into a winter wonderland from December 8 to January 1, 2024. During this period, the event illuminates the nights from dusk to 11:00 PM.

Where: Located along 148th Street between 99 Avenue and 92 Avenue, Candy Cane Lane offers a magical journey through the heart of the community.

Fee: Free.

Highlight: Candy Cane Lane is a unique festival where residents invest time and creativity in setting up, making, and purchasing displays. For a more immersive experience, attend the Open Streets Nights on December 9 and 16, when Candy Cane Lane becomes car-free, allowing visitors to walk, bike, sled, or ski through the enchanting displays. The event is dog-friendly on all nights, so bring your furry friends on a leash and have a lively night of holiday fun with the community.

Where to see Christmas lights in Edmonton

That wraps up the list of the 10 best places to see Christmas lights in Edmonton in 2023! We’ve taken the liberty of marking all the locations on the Edmonton map, making it easy for you to choose ones close to your home. If you have any other places to recommend for Edmonton residents to enjoy Christmas lights, feel free to comment below!

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