Permanent Lighting

Permanently Illuminate Your Property

Picture this: we come and professionally install commercial-grade LED lights on your property one time. We install these lights so that they're brilliant at night but hidden during the day to keep your home or business looking its best. You can change the light, pattern, and design of these lights directly from your personal cellphone. Guess what? This is exactly what we offer.
Here at Five Star Holiday Décor, we are proud authorized dealer of Celebright permanent lighting here in Alberta. These lights are invisible by day and brilliant by night and once you invest in these permanent lights, they will last you a lifetime. You can choose from the library of pre-set lighting patterns or design your own to keep your home decorated for each and every season and event.

About Our Permanent Lighting

Celebright lights are the perfect solution for all of your lighting needs! We install these permanent lights along your roofline, in the soffit of your roof, so that they stay in place permanently. This way, you don’t need to worry about putting them up and taking them down every time. No more setting up Christmas lights every year in the freezing cold! Plus, you can control these high quality lights directly from your personal cellphone. With this maintenance-free solution, you won't only be able to enjoy these gorgeous lights year round, you'll also be able to enjoy them for literal decades!

Permanent Lighting Options

Celebright lighting provides 16 million different colour options (yes, we're serious) and hundreds of styles of lights to choose from. Once we've installed your lights, you'll have the freedom to browse the endless options and switch up the look of your permanent lighting as frequently as you want! Additionally, you can adjust your brightness, the speed and movement of your lighting, and customize your settings to bring your vision to life. Celebrating Christmas? Pop on a red and green pattern! Getting the kids pumped up for St. Patrick's Day? The green pattern is perfect. Getting jazzed up to support your Edmonton Oilers in the playoffs? Orange and blue it is! The options are truly endless.

Benefits of Permanent Lighting

Our professional permanent lighting solution, Celebright, only requires a one-time installation. Once that part is completed, you simply get to experiment with the colours and patterns and enjoy! Celebright has many benefits such as:
    • Ability to access your lights from anywhere
    • Energy efficiency – LED
    • Designed to blend in during the day
    • Opportunity to control your lights directly from your phone
    • No maintenance
    • Can be set to turn on at dawn and off at dusk
    • Endless customization options available
    • Waterproofing and weather proofing for temperatures down to -40
    • 3 year warranty

Cost of Permanent Lighting

Although the upfront investment for permanent Celebright lighting is more, it is the more cost-effective holiday lighting solution. As a no maintenance option that doesn't require installation and takedown each year, the larger upfront investment will become worth it in no time. At the cost of just a couple season of professional light installation, you can have commercial-grade permanent lighting that will last you for decades. We provide permanent lighting quotes to each of our valued customers at no extra cost! To get yours, simply give our team a call today. We can't wait to help you light up your property!

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