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Picture this: We come and install lights on your property one time. These lights are then installed for good and there when you need them and hidden when you don’t. You can change the light, pattern, and design of these lights at the click of a button with an easy-to-operate remote control. Guess what? This is exactly what we offer.
We are excited to introduce Celebright, our permanent lighting brand! We are the authorized dealer of Celebright here in Alberta. These lights are invisible by day and brilliant by night and once you invest in these permanent lights, they will last you a lifetime! You can choose from the library of pre-set lighting patterns or design your own to keep your home decorated for each and every season and event.
Built for Canada
Customizable Patterns
16 Million Colours
No Maintenance
Global Remote Access


The perfect solution for all your lighting needs!
Celebright lights are the perfect solution for all of your lighting needs! These permanent lights are installed along your roofline, in the soffit of your roof, so that they stay in place permanently (or for as long as you’d like). This way, you don’t need to worry about putting them up and taking them down every time.
    • Average lifetime of 20 years
    • No maintenance 
    • Customizable patterns


Invisible by day and brilliant by night
Celebright lighting provides literally millions of colour options and hundreds of styles of lights to choose from. You can adjust your brightness, the speed and movement of your lighting, and customize your settings to bring your vision to life.
    • Pre-set library of lighting patterns
    • Can design your own patterns
    • Choose from 16 Million colors

Easy to operate

Program your lights straight from your phone!
Once your Celebright lights are installed, you can program them from your phone to change whenever you want or according to the occasion, season, or holiday! That means red and white lights on Canada Day, orange and blue lights on Oiler’s games days, and, of course, red and green lights on Christmas. You can even schedule your lights to change according to daily dawn and dusk times specific to your area.
    • Control from your phone
    • Program the schedule
    • Global remote access


Long-lasting & high-quality
Celebright lights are high-quality and last over 20 years if they are used for 5 hours per day; if you use them for special occasions, they will literally last a lifetime. Harsh Canadian winters have nothing on Celebright lights with waterproofing and operating ability down to -40!
    • Work down to -40
    • Waterproof
    • Warranty available


Celebright saves you money!
Although Celebright lights are a higher initial investment, their durability, quality, and lasting ability all help you save money in the long run. Rather than having to pay for installation, take down, and storage each year, Celebright installation is a one-time investment.
    • Last a lifetime
    • Affordable
    • No maintenance cost

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