Our Colour Options

A lot goes into designing aesthetically pleasing lighting decor. The colour scheme is essential for setting the mood and matching the theme that you’re creating (Christmas, game day, winter celebration, etc.).

We love collaborating with our customers to create lighting designs and bring their visions to life. Below are the basic lighting colour options that we work with.
Colours are subject to availability and can change throughout the season. Please feel free to reach out to our team for our up-to-date colour options.




Warm Clear – 3200-3500k

Not as yellow as incandescent, but still warm and classic.


Winter White – 4300-4600k

As white as it gets. Bring a chilly, wintery feel to your holiday.


Rich and vibrant, like that one famous reindeer… What was his name again?



Toasted orange color that is sure to make your neighbors jealous.


Emanating shades of freshly cut grass and finely-wrapped presents, this green looks great.


A bright, pure, clean colour that’s just perfect for that special occasion.


Looking for something different? Our blue is spectacular to see in person.


Cotton candy, bubble gum, lemonade, flowers, summer dresses; everything looks prettier in pink!


Add a touch of class with this elegant, popular color based off of the popular French wine. This colour is available in mini lights only.


Most don’t lean toward purple, but once you see it, it may just be your new favorite color.

Multi– RBYAG

Why settle for just one color when you can have them all?

Candy Cane- RWC

Memories of Christmas with alternating red and warm-clear colors.

Peppermint- RWW

Fresh, minty swirls of alternating red and winter-white.

Winter Frost- BWF

Vivid blue and winter-white, looks nostalgic and amazing.

Christmas- RGWW

Exude Christmas spirit this year with the brilliant red, green, and warm white.

Twinkle- WW

Crisp winter-white with every 5th bulb twinkle to add that extra pop.