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Oh, weddings... Whimsical, lively, romantic, celebratory, and so much more. Here at Five Star Holiday Décor, we love weddings. That's why we're proud to offer our custom wedding lighting services! On your big day, you don't need to spend your time worrying about drooping lights or burnt out bulbs. Our commercial grade lights will keep your venue beautifully lit until the last person has left the dance floor.
With years of experience creating sensational lighting displays for happy couples in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, our team will be able to bring your wildest wedding lighting fantasies to fruition. When you choose our five star lighting services for your special day, we'll sit down with you to ensure that we light up your venue exactly how you'd like it. Get started on your customized wedding lighting today!

About Our Wedding Lighting Services

Our premium wedding lighting will take your wedding venue from drab to fab. At the end of the day, you have enough to prepare for and deal with on your big day. Leave your lighting up to us! We will create a custom lighting design with you to suit your specific wants, needs, and venue. From colour to style to artistic composition, the choices are all yours. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority; we want your day to be everything you dreamed it would be!

Wedding Lighting Options

We have helped many couples create the perfect lighting design and ambiance for their big celebration. Our years of experience in lighting design allow us to dig deep into our wedding clients’ visions and bring them to life in a very real way. When it comes to specifics, your wedding lighting is up to you. Whether you’re looking for indoor wedding lighting or outdoor wedding lighting, we’re the experts you’re looking for. We will light trees, ceilings, dancefloors, canopies, stages, and more to help you create a night you’ll never forget. For more details about all of the options available to you, contact our team today!

Benefits of Professional Wedding Lighting

Beyond the obvious benefit of creating a beautiful atmosphere for you to tie the knot in, having your wedding lighting done by a professional lighting company has many more benefits such as:

  • Creating an intimate feeling
  • Having more time to focus on your big day, not the decorations
  • Maintaining safety at the venue by letting the professionals deal with the ladders
  • Providing great lighting for wedding pictures and videos
  • Making your wedding décor and venue unique and memorable

Cost of Wedding Lighting in Edmonton

We will happily provide free, no-obligation quotes to every one of our wedding lighting customers! Due to the nature of our wedding lighting services, we choose to price each job individually according to your specific needs, rather than charging a set rate. For each wedding that we have the pleasure of lighting up, we custom-design and decorate which requires individualized pricing. To get started on your free quote today, simply contact our team by filling out a form below!

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Leave Your Wedding Lighting to Us

Our professional lighting technicians will expertly illuminate your big day for you so that you can focus on more important things!

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Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you
answer some of the common Wedding Light Installations questions.

1. What is included in a Wedding Light Installation?

A Wedding Light Installation typically includes the following components and services:

  1. Consultation and Design: A consultation with the lighting specialist to discuss your wedding theme, vision, and preferences. The design phase involves creating a customized lighting plan tailored to your venue and style.
  2. Lighting Fixtures: Procurement and provision of various lighting fixtures, such as string lights, fairy lights, LED uplights, chandeliers, lanterns, and any other specialized lighting elements that fit your design.
  3. Installation: Professional installation of the lighting setup at your wedding venue, whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or both. This includes securing fixtures, arranging wiring, and ensuring everything is safely and aesthetically positioned.
  4. Customization: Tailoring the lighting scheme to match your wedding’s colour palette, theme, and ambiance. This may involve adjusting the colour temperature, brightness, and patterns of the lights.
  5. Safety Measures: Implementing safety measures to secure all lighting fixtures, cables, and power sources to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of guests and venue staff.
  6. Testing and Quality Control: Rigorous testing of all lighting elements to ensure they function flawlessly throughout the event. This includes checking for loose connections, flickering lights, or any technical issues.
  7. Dynamic Lighting Effects: Incorporation of dynamic lighting effects, such as dimming, colour changes, and sequencing, to create captivating moments during your wedding, such as the first dance.
  8. Maintenance and Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of the lighting setup during the event to address any issues promptly. Maintenance services are provided as needed to ensure consistent performance.
  9. Removal and Cleanup: Post-event removal of all lighting fixtures and associated equipment, leaving the venue in its original condition. Cleanup may also include the removal of any debris or remnants from the installation process.
  10. Optional Extras: Additional services, such as projection mapping, monogram projection, and special effects lighting, may be available depending on your preferences and budget.

The scope of a Wedding Light Installation can vary based on your specific requirements and the complexity of the lighting design. It’s essential to work closely with your chosen lighting specialist to outline your expectations and ensure that all elements align with your wedding vision.

2. Can you customize the lighting design to match my wedding theme and colour scheme?

Most Wedding Light Installation services offer extensive customization options to align the lighting design with your wedding theme and colour scheme. Here’s what’s typically included:

Customizable Lighting Design: The lighting specialist works closely with you to understand your wedding theme, style, and colour preferences. They will create a lighting design that complements and enhances your chosen theme.

Colour Coordination: You can specify the exact colours you want for the lighting elements. This can include matching the lighting to your wedding colours, creating specific colour schemes, or adjusting the colour temperature to achieve the desired ambiance.

Theme Integration: Whether your wedding has a rustic, vintage, modern, romantic, or any other theme, the lighting design can be adapted to reflect and enhance that theme. This may involve using specific lighting fixtures, patterns, or arrangements.

Bespoke Lighting Effects: Lighting specialists can incorporate bespoke effects that align with your theme. For example, if you have a fairytale-themed wedding, you might want twinkling lights to mimic stars or a warm, soft glow to create a magical atmosphere.

Dynamic Lighting Changes: Some installations offer dynamic lighting changes throughout the event. This can include transitions between different colours, brightness levels, or lighting patterns to match various phases of your wedding, such as the ceremony, dinner, and dancing.

Personalization: Personal touches, such as monogram projections or custom-made light fixtures, can be integrated into the lighting design to make your wedding unique and meaningful.

Consultation and Collaboration: Lighting specialists typically conduct thorough consultations to understand your vision and provide recommendations based on their expertise. They work collaboratively with you to ensure the lighting design aligns with your preferences.

By customizing the lighting design to match your wedding theme and colour scheme, you can create a truly immersive and personalized atmosphere that enhances the beauty and significance of your special day.

3. What types of LED lighting options are available for wedding installations?

There are various types of LED lighting options available for wedding installations:

1. String Lights: Delicate and enchanting, string lights are commonly used to create romantic canopies or to outline the perimeter of the wedding venue. They come in various colours and styles, adding a soft and elegant glow.

2. Fairy Lights: Fairy lights, or fairy string lights, are tiny LED bulbs that emit a twinkling, ethereal light. They are ideal for creating a whimsical and magical ambiance. Fairy lights can be wrapped around trees, used in centrepieces, or draped along tables.

3. Uplighting: Uplighting involves placing LED fixtures at ground level to cast beams of light upward, illuminating walls, pillars, or architectural features in vibrant colours. This is an excellent way to transform the look and feel of your wedding venue.

4. Chandeliers: LED chandeliers add a touch of sophistication and glamour to indoor wedding spaces. They come in various designs and can be customized to match your wedding’s colour scheme and style.

5. Lanterns: LED lanterns, whether traditional or contemporary, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They can be hung from trees, or ceilings, or used as table centrepieces.

6. Candles: LED candles provide the soft, flickering glow of real candles without the fire hazard. They can be placed in candleholders, lanterns, or as part of table centrepieces.

7. Projected Lighting: Monogram projections or custom patterns can be created using LED projectors. This allows you to display your names, initials, or unique designs on walls, dance floors, or ceilings.

8. Outdoor Path Lighting: LED path lights can be used to illuminate pathways, walkways, or outdoor seating areas. They not only guide guests but also add to the overall ambiance.

9. Bistro Lights: Bistro lights, also known as cafe lights, create a warm and inviting atmosphere with their soft, diffused glow. They are often used to create a charming outdoor setting.

10. Dynamic Lighting: LED lighting can be programmed to change colours or patterns throughout the event. This dynamic lighting can be synchronized with different moments, such as the first dance or speeches, to enhance the experience.

These LED lighting options can be mixed and matched to create a bespoke lighting design that suits your wedding theme, colour scheme, and overall vision, adding a magical touch to your special day.

4. Do you provide both indoor and outdoor wedding lighting services?

We offer both indoor and outdoor wedding lighting services to accommodate your wedding’s unique needs and venue choices. Whether you’re celebrating in an elegant indoor ballroom, a charming outdoor garden, or a combination of both, our team can design and install tailored lighting solutions to create the perfect ambiance for your celebration. From enchanting indoor chandeliers to mesmerizing outdoor string lights, we’re equipped to enhance any wedding setting, both indoors and outdoors, with captivating LED lighting.

5. How do I determine the right amount of lighting for my wedding venue?

Determining the right amount of lighting for your wedding venue is a crucial step in creating the desired atmosphere.

Here’s how we approach it:

Venue Assessment: We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your wedding venue. This includes considering the venue’s size, layout, architectural features, and natural lighting.

Consultation: We consult with you to understand your vision for the wedding and your preferences regarding the atmosphere you want to create. This includes discussing your theme, colour scheme, and any specific lighting effects you desire.

Lighting Plan: Based on the venue assessment and your preferences, we create a detailed lighting plan. This plan outlines the types of lighting fixtures, their placements, and the quantity needed to achieve the desired effect.

Balancing Act: We ensure that the lighting design strikes the right balance between creating a visually stunning ambiance and maintaining a comfortable and functional environment for your guests. This includes avoiding over-illumination, which can be harsh and uncomfortable.

Layered Lighting: We often use a layered lighting approach, combining different types of lighting, such as ambient, accent, and task lighting, to create depth and dimension in the venue. This adds to the overall aesthetics and functionality.

Testing and Adjustments: Before your wedding day, we conduct testing to ensure that the lighting plan achieves the desired effect. We make any necessary adjustments to colour, brightness, or positioning to fine-tune the lighting.

Flexibility: We design the lighting plan to be flexible, allowing for adjustments during the event as lighting needs may change with different activities or moments, such as the transition from the ceremony to the reception.

Professional Expertise: Our experienced team has an eye for detail and a deep understanding of lighting design principles. We leverage our expertise to ensure that the lighting enhances the venue’s beauty and matches your wedding vision.

Your Input: Throughout the process, we value your input and feedback. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that the final lighting design aligns with your expectations and enhances the overall wedding experience.

By following this approach, we can determine the right amount of lighting for your wedding venue, creating a captivating and memorable atmosphere that reflects your unique style and vision for your special day.

6. Are there energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting options for weddings?

We offer energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting options for weddings, prioritizing sustainability while creating beautiful atmospheres.

Here’s how we incorporate these options:

LED Lighting: We primarily use LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting, which is highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. LEDs consume significantly less electricity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, reducing your carbon footprint.

Low-Wattage Bulbs: We select low-wattage LED bulbs to minimize energy consumption while still providing ample illumination. These bulbs are known for their longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Timer Controls: We utilize timer controls and smart lighting systems to optimize energy usage. These systems can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Dimming Capabilities: LED lighting fixtures often come with dimming capabilities, allowing us to adjust brightness levels as needed. Dimming not only sets the mood but also conserves energy.

Reusable Fixtures: Whenever possible, we use reusable lighting fixtures and decorations that can be utilized for multiple events. This minimizes waste and the need for constant replacements.

Recycling: We are committed to responsible disposal and recycling of lighting materials and fixtures at the end of their lifespan to reduce environmental impact.

Our eco-friendly approach to wedding lighting ensures that you can enjoy a beautiful and sustainable celebration, knowing that we are taking steps to minimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact. We are happy to discuss and tailor our lighting options to align with your sustainability goals and preferences.

7. Can you incorporate special effects or dynamic lighting changes into the installation?

Certainly, we offer the option to incorporate special effects and dynamic lighting changes into your wedding lighting installation.

This is how we can create mesmerizing and customizable lighting experiences:

Special Effects Lighting: We can integrate special effects lighting, such as moving lights, gobos (custom patterns or monograms), and laser effects, to add a touch of drama and excitement to your wedding. These effects can be synchronized with key moments in your event, such as your first dance or grand entrance.

Dynamic Colour Changes: Our LED lighting fixtures are capable of dynamic colour changes. We can program the lighting to transition smoothly between different colours to match the mood and theme of various parts of your wedding, creating captivating visual effects.

Dimming and Brightening: Our lighting systems offer precise dimming capabilities. We can adjust the brightness of the lighting throughout the event, allowing for subtle shifts in ambiance, from soft and romantic during dinner to vibrant and energetic on the dance floor.

Pattern Projections: Using specialized projectors, we can project intricate patterns or textures onto walls, ceilings, or the dance floor. This can add a unique and personalized touch to your wedding decor.

Music Synchronization: For an immersive experience, we can synchronize the lighting with your wedding music. The lighting can change in response to the beat and rhythm, enhancing the energy and excitement on the dance floor.

Customized Lighting Scenes: We create customized lighting scenes and presets that align with different phases of your wedding, ensuring that each moment is beautifully illuminated. These scenes can be activated at the touch of a button.

Personalization: We work closely with you to understand your preferences and desired effects, tailoring the lighting design to match your vision for your wedding day.

By incorporating these special effects and dynamic lighting changes, we can transform your wedding venue into a visually captivating and emotionally engaging space, creating unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

8. Do you handle the installation and removal of the lights?

As part of our wedding light installation services, we take care of both the installation and removal of the lights as part of our comprehensive wedding lighting services. Here’s how we manage these aspects:

Installation: Our professional team handles the entire installation process, ensuring that the lighting is expertly and securely set up according to the design plan. You don’t need to worry about any installation-related tasks; we take care of it from start to finish.

Safety and Quality Assurance: During installation, we prioritize safety and quality assurance to guarantee that the lighting is not only visually stunning but also secure and reliable throughout your wedding event.

Removal: After your wedding event concludes, we promptly and efficiently remove all lighting fixtures and associated equipment. This includes dismantling, packing, and safely storing the lighting components.

Venue Restoration: We ensure that the venue is left in its original condition, with no remnants of the lighting installation. This includes cleaning up any debris or minor adjustments that may be necessary.

By handling both the installation and removal processes, we aim to provide you with a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying your wedding day without any concerns about lighting logistics. Our goal is to ensure that your wedding lighting is a seamless and stress-free part of your celebration.

9. Can you coordinate with other wedding vendors, such as the venue or wedding planner, to ensure a seamless lighting setup?

We understand the importance of seamless coordination with other wedding vendors, including the venue and wedding planner, to ensure a flawless lighting setup for your special day. Here’s how we approach this collaborative process:

Communication: We maintain open lines of communication with your wedding planner, venue staff, and other key vendors from the planning stage onwards. This ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the lighting design, setup schedule, and any specific requirements.

Venue Liaison: We work closely with the venue to understand its layout, electrical capabilities, and any restrictions or guidelines. This helps us design a lighting setup that maximizes the venue’s potential while adhering to any venue-specific considerations.

Timely Setup: We coordinate with your wedding planner to establish a setup timeline that aligns with the overall event schedule. This ensures that the lighting is ready and operational when needed for different phases of your wedding.

Vendor Collaboration: We collaborate seamlessly with other vendors, such as florists, caterers, and photographers, to ensure that the lighting complements their work and enhances the overall aesthetics of your wedding.

Problem-Solving: In the event of unexpected challenges or changes, we remain flexible and solution-oriented. Our goal is to adapt to any last-minute adjustments while maintaining the integrity of the lighting design.

Professionalism: Our team maintains a high level of professionalism when interacting with other vendors, ensuring a positive working relationship that contributes to the success of your wedding day.

Post-Event Coordination: After your wedding, we work with the venue and other vendors to ensure a smooth and efficient lighting teardown and cleanup process, leaving the venue in its original condition.

By coordinating closely with other wedding vendors, we aim to create a harmonious and coordinated wedding lighting setup that enhances the overall experience and visual appeal of your celebration. Our commitment is to work as part of a unified team to bring your wedding vision to life seamlessly.

10. What happens in case of inclement weather for outdoor wedding lighting installations?

In the event of inclement weather for outdoor wedding lighting installations, we have strategies and contingency plans in place to ensure the safety of the lighting setup and your wedding guests. Here’s how we handle various weather scenarios:

Rain: If rain is in the forecast, we take precautions to protect the lighting fixtures and wiring. This may include using weather-resistant covers for outdoor fixtures or installing lighting in sheltered areas if possible.

Strong Winds: In cases of strong winds, we secure all lighting fixtures and elements to prevent them from swaying or falling. We use sturdy mounting methods to ensure stability.

Extreme Cold or Heat: Temperature extremes can affect lighting equipment. We use weather-appropriate fixtures and ensure that they are operating within their specified temperature ranges.

Snow: For snowy conditions, we take measures to keep lighting paths clear and accessible. We also ensure that lighting fixtures remain visible and functional despite snowfall.

Emergency Response: Our team is prepared to respond swiftly to changing weather conditions. We have backup equipment and materials on hand, and we can make real-time adjustments to the lighting setup as needed.

Flexible Design: Our lighting designs are flexible and can adapt to different weather scenarios. For example, if an outdoor dance floor was planned but rain forces the event indoors, the lighting can be adjusted accordingly.

Client Consultation: We consult with you throughout the planning process to discuss potential weather-related scenarios and determine your preferences for how lighting should be adjusted in response.

By proactively addressing weather-related challenges and having contingency plans in place, we aim to minimize disruptions to your wedding and ensure that the lighting setup remains both visually stunning and safe, regardless of the weather conditions on your special day.