Watt Lights vs. Trimlight: Choosing the Best Outdoor Lighting in Calgary

What do people in Calgary look for in terms of outdoor lighting for Christmas? Well, there’s the traditional holiday decor available at local retail stores, or the do-it-yourself string lights you can order online. For those who take the holiday more seriously, they opt for a professional Christmas lighting company that offers lights, packages, and all-in-one service. But what about those who want more? We’re talking about permanent Christmas lights in Calgary. These are the ultimate in festive outdoor lighting, a once-and-for-all jewel for your house. The only downside? It requires a significant upfront investment. This means you need to carefully select both the brand of permanent Christmas lights in Calgary and the professional team who will install them on your roof.

In Calgary’s Christmas light market, we hear people asking for insights for specific permanent lighting brands all the time, we are referring to our previous blog where we compare permanent lighting from Gemstone Lights vs. Celebright. Further than that, we’ve also heard people comparing Watt Lights with Trimlight, these are two other permanent Christmas lighting brands that share similar characteristics. And the reason we are bringing this up is because – TA-DA! Today we will be performing a detailed analysis of these 2 brands: Watt Lights vs. Trimlight! 

festive outdoor Christmas lights in Calgary
Other than indoor decor, outdoor lighting is just as essential for Christmas.

Brand Information:

Let’s first get into a little bit of background info here, what exactly are these two brands?

Watts Lights was born out of a simple idea: two individuals tired of the biannual, 30-foot climb to set up and take down Christmas lights. Later, Watt Lights emerged as a pioneer in offering enduring, programmable LED lighting solutions, aiming to add a bright touch to every celebration. Their patented design is a testament to ingenuity, ensuring a discreet blend with exteriors during the day while lighting up vibrantly at night. 

Today, Watt Lights illuminates the world with intelligent, permanent LED lighting solutions for all your festive and landscaping needs. The heart of their innovation is the Watts 2.0 system, featuring a state-of-the-art IoT LED lighting controller and an intuitive app. Watt Lights guarantees a seamless transition to lasting, customizable lighting solutions. Their user-friendly app is a gateway to a spectrum of colors, patterns, and scheduling options, placing lighting control effortlessly in the hands of users. 

Trimlight on the other hand, pioneers in illuminating life’s moments with permanent, programmable LED lighting solutions. With a desire to simplify holiday lighting, Trimlight introduced LED trim lighting, brightening celebrations hassle-free. Their patented design ensures a seamless blend with exteriors, shining bright when needed, and remaining unnoticeable when off. Across the nation, a network of skilled technicians stands ready to ease the transition to enduring, customizable lighting. With a user-friendly app, Trimlight puts the control of colors, patterns, and scheduling right at the fingertips of its users. Originally found in Utah, their lights are considered strong enough to endure the harshest weather conditions.

festive outdoor lighting in calgary
Outdoor lighting for Christmas must be durable, bright, and festive.

Individual Aspects to Compare:

Color Variety:

Watt Lights offers the capability for 12 different colors of light to appear simultaneously. This means you can have a maximum of 12 colors appear on your house trim.

Trimlight takes it up a notch, allowing for 30 different colors of light to be displayed at the same time. This means you can have a brighter-than-a-party maximum of 30 colors showing on your house trim at once, which truly demonstrates how “festive” these outdoor lights can be.

Waterproof Rating:

Both Watt Lights and Trimlight boast an IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring their lights are resistant to both dust and prolonged submersion in water. Making your outdoor Christmas lighting durable under heavy rain and moisture conditions.


Watt Lights: The lights are CSA Certified, which is a hallmark of quality and safety.

Trimlight: Specific certifications are not specified, making it essential to inquire directly or check for updates.

Temperature Resilience:

Watt Lights is built tough. Their lights can withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius, ensuring functionality even in extreme cold conditions.

The lowest temperature for Trimligh’s tolerance isn’t specified. It’s advisable to consult the brand directly for such details.

Energy Efficiency and Lifespan:

Watt Lights: With an energy efficiency of 0.72 w, Watt Lights’ permanent Christmas lights have a significant lifetime of 50,000 hours. This translates to over 20 years of usage, considering typical daily use.

Trimlight on the other hand, is even more energy-efficient at 0.6 w. Trimlight also claims a product lifespan of 20-30 years when used only during nighttime. Either way, you would have a solid outdoor festive light for a significant amount of years to appreciate. 


Watt Lights offers a 5-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for a considerable duration.

Trimlight provides a lifetime product warranty, indicating strong confidence in the durability and longevity of their products. Which means, after you have someone install these lights for you, you are in good hands for the rest of your life.

Scheduling and Automation:

A notable downside of Watt Lights is the lack of scheduling or automatic turn-on/off functionality, making them slightly less convenient as a permanent lighting system in Calgary. After all, no one wants to go outside to turn on the lights in the cold winter!

Trimlight allows users to schedule when the lights turn on and off, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency, which is ideal for an outdoor lighting system in Calgary.

Bulb Failures and Repairs:

Watt Lights: It’s not clear whether a failure in one bulb affects others in the system. So be careful when considering it as your permanent Christmas light – you wouldn’t want your lights to be in trouble in the middle of holiday celebration. 

Trimlight: The brand’s website mentions that if an RGB component glitch occurs, it might only affect that specific light, causing it to change color or shut off. However, if there’s an issue with the data wire of a light, it may impact all subsequent lights in line. Fortunately, Trimlight emphasizes that any such issues are quick and straightforward to repair.

permanent christmas lights in calgary
A good permanent Christmas lighting system should be invisible by day and brilliantly bright at night.
To Sum Up:

Watt Lights promises a dazzling display with the ability to exhibit up to 12 colors simultaneously. Not only is it IP68 rated for waterproofing, but it’s also CSA Certified, ensuring quality and safety. Designed to endure harsh conditions, it can withstand temperatures as low as –50 degrees Celsius. Boasting an energy efficiency of 0.72w, it offers a lifetime of 50,000 hours, making it a reliable permanent Christmas lighting choice for homeowners in Calgary. Plus, with a 5-year warranty, you can rest assured about its longevity. However, it lacks scheduling capabilities, meaning lights cannot be set to turn on or off automatically, which is a downside for an outdoor Christmas lighting system. The brand remains silent on whether the failure of one bulb will affect the rest.

Trimlight takes the game up a notch, allowing up to 30 colors to light up at the same time, making it the true festive outdoor light. Its IP68 waterproof rating matches that of Watt Lights, though its certification remains unspecified. When it comes to energy efficiency, Trimlight consumes slightly less power at 0.6w. Its standout feature is its impressive lifespan, ranging from 20-30 years if used solely during nighttime. A lifetime product warranty further bolsters its appeal. With Trimlight, scheduling lights to turn on or off is a breeze. However, a noteworthy point is their bulb connectivity. Despite this, Trimlight assures quick and easy repairs through local dealers in Calgary.


Both Watt Lights and Trimlight have their strengths and areas of improvement. While Watt Lights impresses with its temperature resilience and energy efficiency, Trimlight shines with its extensive color variety, lifetime warranty, and scheduling features. Your choice of permanent Christmas light in Calgary will ultimately depend on which features align most closely with your requirements and preferences.

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