Calgary’s Top 10 Neighborhoods for Festive Outdoor Christmas Lights

Calgary is a city that shines bright during the Christmas season, with numerous neighborhoods going all out to create a magical ambiance. The city’s neighborhoods transform into whimsical wonderlands as residents partake in friendly competitions to outdo each other with the most enchanting festive outdoor lighting displays. If you’re a fan of Christmas cheer, you’ll find that the magic of the holiday shines bright in every corner of Calgary. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, exploring these twinkling realms should definitely be on your holiday to-do list. This blog post will guide you through Calgary’s top 10 neighborhoods known for their outdoor Christmas lights.

The Tuscany neighborhood in Calgary is best known for Candy Cane Lane, in addition to other dazzling Christmas light displays.

Calgary Northwest (NW) Neighborhoods:

Tuscany (NW): Candy Cane Lane

Tuscany tops our list with its breathtaking display of Christmas lights, and the tradition of Candy Cane Lane only amplifies the festive charm of this neighborhood. The residents here are known for their community spirit, which shines through in their elaborate outdoor lighting for Christmas, especially along Tuscany Vista Crescent, where the homes are adorned with whimsical decorations as part of the Candy Cane Lane festivities. This neighborhood goes all out, turning the streets into a real-life winter wonderland that welcomes families and visitors to partake in the joyous celebration of the holiday season.

Dalhousie (NW): Holiday Light Contest

Famous for its community-wide competition of lighting Christmas lights, Dalhousie’s festivities are a joyous spectacle, reaching a pinnacle with its annual Holiday Light Contest. Each home tries to outshine the other, entering a friendly competition orchestrated by the Dalhousie Community Association. This event is not just a contest but a tradition that invites the spirit of the season into every nook and cranny of the neighborhood, resulting in a radiant display of creativity that lights up the Dalhousie skies.

Evanston (NW): Light Up Evanston

Every year, the residents of Evanston, Calgary eagerly await the holiday season to showcase their creative prowess in lighting Christmas lights, making it a fun and festive neighborhood to explore. Evanston residents wait all year to showcase their decorative flair through lighting Christmas lights. The neighborhood turns into a festive playground, with each house more radiant than the next.

Festive Christmas lights in Calgary
Are you a Christmas Market enthusiast? What are your favorite things there?

Calgary Southwest (SW) Neighborhoods:

Crestmont (SW): Christmas Market & Decorating Contest

The Crestmont Hall becomes a hub of festive activity during the annual Crestmont Christmas Market, held on a weekend in mid-November. Here, visitors can explore a wonderful selection of unique, handmade gifts from local artisans, embracing the essence of community and holiday giving.

As you meander through the market and the adorned streets, the orderly display of lights along the trims of homes reflects a sophisticated celebration of the season, blending seamlessly with the vibrant and warm atmosphere of the Crestmont Christmas Market and Decorating Contest. The community’s dedication to celebrating the holiday season in a unique and engaging manner makes Crestmont a remarkable neighborhood to experience the joy and camaraderie of Christmas.

Mount Royal (SW): Christmas Lights Walk

This neighborhood is a hub for gem-light enthusiasts in Calgary, and also a delight for those who enjoy a festive stroll amidst vibrant Christmas lights during the ‘Christmas Lights Walk’ event in Mount Royal/Elbow Park. The enchanting gem lights against the soft, snowy backdrop create a mesmerizing scene, making it a popular spot for those seeking a magical evening stroll.

Through the Christmas Lights Walk in Mount Royal and Elbow Park, you have the opportunity to tour beautiful downtown Calgary during Christmas.

Calgary Southeast (SE) Neighborhoods:

Legacy (SE): Christmas Lights Parade

With the streets twinkling in a myriad of colors, Legacy is more than just a delightful place to take an evening drive during the holiday season; it’s a destination where the festive spirit is celebrated in a grand manner. The neighborhood comes alive in a spectacular display of lights and community involvement, thanks to the Legacy Christmas Light Parade. This annual tradition sees residents adorning their homes with whimsical festive outdoor lights, turning the community into a dazzling spectacle of creativity and holiday cheer.

Deer Run (SE): News-Headline Level Christmas Lighting

The Deer Run neighborhood passionately participates in decking out their homes with eye-catching outdoor lighting for Christmas, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere. The lively community of Deer Run embraces the season wholeheartedly, with houses adorned in vibrant outdoor lighting for Christmas. The neighborhood buzzes with a warm and inviting ambiance, making it a delightful spot for a holiday lights tour. The amazing decorations in Deer Run have caught the eye of many, even making it to the news channels several times.

The Deer Run neighborhood’s unsurpassed Christmas lights have been featured in Calgary’s local news many times.

McKenzie Towne (SE): Lighting Up

Known for its quaint and charming vibe, the Christmas lights in McKenzie Towne add to the warmth and coziness of the neighborhood, especially during the “Lighting up McKenzie Towne” event where thousands of holiday lights brighten up the community. This event showcases a festive display of lights, adding a unique touch to the holiday celebrations in the area.

Mahogany (SE): Parade of Lights & Tree of Hope

The neighborhood of Mahogany in Calgary sparkles with a variety of Christmas lights during the festive season, especially during the annual Parade of Lights & Tree of Hope event. Mahogany transforms into a winter wonderland on December 3rd, when this beloved event takes place. The neighborhood twinkles with an array of modern and traditional lights, making it a picturesque scene right out of a holiday card, while the community comes together to light up the Tree of Hope, marking a celebration that encapsulates the joy and hope of the season.

Auburn Bay (SE): Parade of Lights

Last but not least, Auburn Bay is famous not only for its friendly competition among neighbors to create the most dazzling display of festive outdoor lights but also for its grand celebration of the holiday season through the Auburn Bay Parade of Lights event. The cheer, camaraderie, and community spirit here are palpable, especially during the Parade of Lights. This event marks the beginning of the festive season, bringing together residents, local businesses, and organizations in a jovial procession that travels a specified route within the neighborhood, kicking off from Auburn House.

Are there any other neighborhoods in Calgary you want to nominate for the most mesmerizing Christmas lighting display? Comment down below!

Each neighborhood in Calgary showcases a unique blend of community spirit, creative prowess, and professional lighting expertise, making the city a luminous spectacle during the festive season. Whether you’re inspired to contact a Christmas lights installation service in Calgary or simply enjoy the visual feast, the magical aura of Calgary’s festive outdoor lights is sure to leave you in awe.

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