Holiday Light Traditions

It is October and the holidays are on their way! Our holiday lighting installation season is in full swing here at Five Star Holiday Décor and our teams are hard at work installing residential Christmas lights and commercial Holiday décor

A tradition is commonly known as the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice.

Traditions are very important to an individual’s culture. One tradition that our team at Five Star Holiday Décor is proud to support is the tradition of installing Christmas lights and holiday décor. Dating back to 1880s, holiday lights have always been a popular choice to celebrate the winter season with. From a beautiful aesthetic to the vision of light representing new beginnings, everyone has a different reason for following this tradition.

Are you looking to continue or start the holiday tradition of Christmas Lights? Our team at Five Star Holiday Décor is here for you. Whether you are considering designing a custom lighting package for your roof line, around your garage, on your deck railings, on exterior structures, or on trees/greenery, our team of professional light installs are ready to provide you with our full service packages.

The first step to getting a custom light package is to reach out to our team and put in a request for a quote. Once we hear from you, we will book an on-site to your home or business to view your property to better understand the scope of the work and what design will best complement your property.

Our lighting experts then walk you through our process, help design a package that will work not only for your property, but for your budget as well, and build you a free quote.

After you have received your quote and approved it, our team behind the scenes gets to work and you get to sit inside with a warm drink. We have a crew here at Five Star Holiday Décor that builds lights in the back of our shop to the exact colour and pattern sequence that you request. When the lights are built, our professional installers will be scheduled to your property to install the lights before the holidays arrive. When we go to install your lights, our installation team will custom fit your built lights to your home and install them safely and securely.

During the season if your lights require maintenance, we will send a team out to address this, so your lights are looking amazing all year! After the season ends our team of installers will come back to your property to take down your lights and store them during the off-season in our warehouse.

Are you ready to follow the amazing tradition of holiday lights? Contact our team today for your free quote!

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