Here at 5 Star Decor, we love turning our local homes and businesses into beautiful canvasses of light and color. Every customer has their own vision of style, and our goal is to realize it in every job we perform. That’s why we work with our clients every step of the way, from design and color selection to set up, to ensure that the finished results are something they will be proud of and enjoy showing off. 

Our Color Options

There is a lot that goes into designing great looking lighting decor. But the color scheme is important for setting the mood and matching to any kind of theme you’re trying to create (Christmas, Winter, Celebration, etc.). 

We love working with our customers’ designs, helping them bring them to fruition. We’re always amazed at the great ideas our clients come up with. Here are the basic lighting color options that we work with.


Winter White – The chilling white of winter snow. A calm, low key luminescence. 

Warm Clear – A toned-down, earthy version of a classic warm color. A subtle brightness.


Red – Vibrant and energetic, bright reds pop and grab attention. Great for Christmas themes.

Amber – Char-broiled orange, amber lighting fills the room like molasses. 

Yellow – Bright and boisterous, yellow lights shine like a beacon.

Green – Verdant, the color of nature. Perfect for Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day themes.

Blue – Calm and cool, blue sets the mood. Great for creating a relaxing environment.

Purple – The royal tinge, set yourself apart with a color that pops.


Multi – Why settle for one color? Grab the entire rainbow!

Candy Cane – A great Christmas theme without relying on the classic red/green. 

Peppermint – Keep the Christmas feel, with an extra touch of minty fresh.

Winter Frost – Blue lights punctuated by winter white sparkle like snow.

Christmas – Classic Christmas colors at their best.

Poppy – Warm and inviting, like fabled fields of Oz.

Twinkle – Cool winter white with a little extra twinkle.


Have questions about our color options? Want to talk about how to implement them into some stunning visual designs? Our friendly and reliable representatives are available today to go over all of your options with you. Give us a call!