How to Recycle Christmas Lights

Everyone loves the look of holiday lights on their home or business during the winter months! What better way to be more inviting and bring light to your community during the darker season than with a beautiful set of customized Christmas lights. But as time goes on and new innovative technology comes out, the need for recycling your Christmas lights can arise. How do you recycle Christmas lights? Check out our blog below on some of the proper ways to dispose of your Christmas lights!

1. If in working condition, donate to a local charity or organization

It’s always good to reduce, reuse, and recycle as many household materials and objects as you can! That’s why our team at Five Star Holiday Décor recommends donating working lights to local charities, businesses, or friends and family members.

This is an easy way to give back to those in need, light up your community, and reduce the number of lights going into the garbage!

2. Take them apart and recycle the individual pieces

Commercial grade LED lights are made of high-quality materials and can often be customized, therefore having the option to be taken apart. When this is the case you can often recycle certain elements of your Christmas Lights.

Christmas light bulbs can be removed from your light stands and recycled. Wire can also be taken to an appropriate recycling centre in your local area.

3. Take your Christmas lights to an Eco-Centre

If you’re still unsure how to recycle Christmas Lights, it’s always a safe bet to take them to your local eco station or recycling centre! There their team of professionals will take the lights apart and recycle all the materials appropriately. 

Now that you know how to recycle Christmas Lights you’ll be set to be more environmentally conscious in your disposal methods. Interested in learning more about our commercial grade 

LED Christmas lights? Connect with our team today at 780-628-2686! We would be happy to help get you some more information on our products and full-service packages.

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