Celebrating Five Star Holiday Decor’s Biggest Wins of 2022 So Far

Now that we’re over halfway through July (wow, that moved quickly!), we wanted to take some time in today’s blog post to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished so far this year. 2022 has definitely had its ups and downs. Here at Five Star Holiday Décor, we always make sure to learn from the challenges as well as celebrate the good. 

We’ve done lots of learning in the past six months and today, we want to take the time to do some celebrating with you, our valued customers! After all, we couldn’t have built Five Star Holiday Décor’s brand or had any successes without you. So, thank you for all you do and for continuing to support us.

Before we get too sappy and sentimental in the intro, let’s get right into some celebrating!

Big Five Star Holiday Décor Wins From the First Half of 2022

1. Got a new Brand Manager: Andrew Munro 

Andrew Munro, who has been with the Mosaic Home Services Group of Companies for almost five years, stepped up into the Brand Manager position for Five Star Holiday Décor this year. 

Andrew has done an incredible job thus far both with his team and with getting customers set up for the upcoming season. Our new Brand Manager is dedicated to providing beautiful lighting solutions for customers big and small. No matter if he’s setting up lights for Londonderry Mall in Edmonton or for a residential client, he shows the same dedication and level of care. 

Although the holiday lighting season has not started yet this year, Andrew has worked tirelessly this year to improve processes within the company to make sure this upcoming season is the best one yet! 

With a team of lighting technicians working under him, Andrew is sure to provide a valuable, fulfilling work experience for them and cares about the wellbeing and success of each member. 

Andrew’s dedication to Five Star Holiday Décor and its success is very admirable. We look forward to seeing him thrive in this leadership role throughout the Christmas 2022 lighting season. 

Next time you chat with Andrew, make sure to tell him thank you for all he does!


2. Introduced a new lighting solution: the Mega Tree

If you haven’t had the chance to check out our new Mega Trees on our social media accounts, we definitely suggest it! 

The new Mega Tree, which Andrew himself designed, tested, and built, is not only super stunning (seriously… how nice does that look?!) but also makes our process of setting up tree lighting much simpler and quicker.  

The Mega Tree was designed in such a way that it pops up into place very quickly, helping us to make our installation appointments very efficient. That means that you, as our clients, get your lights quicker and that we can light up more of Edmonton despite the short season! 

Although speeding up processes and solutions is important in any business, it’s even more essential in the Christmas lighting industry. Our team has less than three months in a season to get as much of Edmonton lit up as possible. 

This new Mega Tree lighting solution will help us to be able to provide our premium Christmas lighting solution and be able to light up your homes and properties quicker than ever before!


3. Expanded our permanent lighting solutions into the home builder market

Another huge win that we’ve had thus far this year is expanding into the home builder market here in Edmonton. Our permanent lighting solution, Celebright permanent lights, is the perfect lighting solution for show homes. We’ve really enjoyed working with them since the beginning of 2022! 

Celebright permanent lighting is cost-effective, customizable, built for Canadian winters, no maintenance, and can light up show homes in 16 million colours. Insane, right?! 

For show homes that are up all year round, Celebright has been amazing. The home builders are able to choose different colour options and leave the lights up all year long without needing to worry about the colder weather. These lights are also invisible by day and brilliant by night, meaning that they attract potential buyers no matter the time of day. 

We can’t wait to continue lighting up show homes around Edmonton and the surrounding areas!

4. Had a busier preseason than ever before 

Again, as we mentioned above, we have a very short season to install lights for all of our incredible customers throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas. 

This year, we’ve had a busier preseason than ever before and have been able to get many of our customers’ light installation appointments booked in early! Having our calendar very organized for the most efficient season will also allow us to get everything lit up in time for the holiday season.

Although Christmas lighting isn’t something that most people consider at least until it snows (so like… October here in Edmonton… LOL), we’ve had so much interest from new and returning customers so far this year! 

All of this interest has kept our team super busy throughout the spring and summer. Plus, we’re very excited for the busy upcoming season. 

Thank you all for continuing to choose Five Star Holiday Décor for your lighting solutions in Edmonton year in and year out. We highly appreciate each and every one of our customers. We feel so honored to have all of the interest and excitement around the upcoming season so far this year! Thanks for being amazing! 

5. Worked with some amazing new commercial clients

Although every single home, business, or property that we get the opportunity to light up with our premium solutions is special to us, we want to shout out some exciting projects we’ve been working on this year so far. 

As we briefly mentioned above, we’ve been able to work with Londonderry Mall this year which has been incredible! Londonderry Mall is a very popular shopping center here in Edmonton and we’re very excited to be able to help them attract shoppers. Make sure to stop by Londonderry Mall this Christmas season to check out our lights there and do some shopping!

Additionally, we had the honor to work with Fort Saskatchewan to light up their main street! From their city hall to the lights down the sidewalk, we were able to brighten up this street with adjustable lights that can be controlled from a cell phone. Next time you’re driving through Fort Saskatchewan, make sure to hit the main road and check out the Five Star Holiday Décor lighting!

Wow, that was so fun! We’re very glad you were here with us along the way. Thanks for taking the time to read our celebratory blog today and thanks for sticking with us for another year! 

We can’t wait to see what this upcoming season brings for the Five Star Holiday Décor team. These next six months are bound to be rewarding and exciting! We’re sure we’ll have lots more to celebrate in another six months’ time so make sure to check back then for another blog to celebrate some wins. 

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