6 Things To Ask Your Lighting Company Before Installing Your Nightscape Lights

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Let’s talk nightscape lighting! Adding nightscape lighting to your backyard and/or patio can completely transform your outdoor space. A backyard or patio that was once only usable in the daylight, somewhat unsafe in the dark, and average looking can become an enchanting outdoor oasis. 

Not only can nightscape lighting make your outdoor space safer, it can also make it much more usable for you and your family. Who doesn’t want to use the space that they have more?! And, beyond that, having permanent nightscape lighting installed throughout your outdoor space can also increase your property value. Wins upon wins upon wins.

If you’re looking to get nightscape lighting installed on your property, you need to ensure that the investment will be worth it for you and your property. It’s important to be well informed and know what you’re getting yourself into before installation. 

That’s why, today, we wanted to provide you with 6 important questions to ask your lighting company prior to the installation of your permanent nightscape lights. 

  1. Is the nightscape lighting environmentally friendly? 

This first question is a very important one. Permanent lighting can add greatly to your energy bill and be damaging to the environment. However, by choosing the right lights and the right lighting company, you can definitely avoid this. 

Permanent LED lights, such as Celebright lighting, are incredibly energy efficient and use significantly less energy than traditional lighting. By double checking that the lighting company you’re working with provides permanent LED lights, you’ll be able to both make sure that you’re reducing your environmental footprint and the energy bill you have to pay at the end of the month. That’s a huge win-win. 

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  1. Are the nightscape lights permanent?

Another highly essential question to ask. Although you can absolutely put up nightscape lighting in the spring every year and take it down in the fall every year, this isn’t the most effective use of your time. Make sure that even if you get caught up in the excitement of getting the lights installed, you still ask about how long they will last you. 

Nightscape lighting can be pricey, so it’s crucial to ensure that your investment is worth it. Permanent nightscape lighting gives you the chance to completely avoid the hassle of takedown and install year after year. A one-time installation will let you enjoy the ambient nightscape lighting for years to come. You don’t want to miss out on permanent LED lighting!

  1. Can I customize the nightscape lights? 

What happens if you get bored of how your nightscape lighting looks?! Valid concern. That’s where this question comes in. Not all nightscape lighting is customizable and may become old news after only a few years. Confirm with your lighting company whether or not your lights have customization options. 

With Celebright permanent lighting, for example, you can not only adjust the brightness of your nightscape lighting, but you can also choose from over 16 million colours. The schedule of when they’re turned on and the colour or movement patterns can also be chosen depending on your exact wants or needs. 

When you choose a permanent lighting solution that will last for decades upon decades, you want to verify that you can change up the look every once in a while! 

patio with umbrellas and gazebo with lighting hung from it in front of a sunset
  1. Are there specific safety measures and procedures that are in place? 

Installing permanent nightscape lighting throughout your backyard or on your patio can have safety risks associated with it. As your lighting company gets up to install your lights on those tough-to-reach areas, they’ll need to use ladders to do so. 

If a lighting company does not have specific safety procedures, practices, and measures in place for light installation, it’s not a good idea to work with them. So, before you get started with light installation, make sure to ask about this.

Lighting companies should be WCB covered, insured, and certified in workplace safety. It is your right as a customer to know about these safety measures, so feel free to ask! This way, were any accidents to happen during light installation, you, the installers, and the lighting company would all know what to do and be covered. 

  1. Will the nightscape lights survive an Edmonton winter?

Oh the joys of Edmonton winters… not. Having permanent nightscape lighting installed in your outdoor space is all fun and games until the lights don’t make it through the winter. Before choosing nightscape lighting, confirm with your lighting company that the lights are built for the freezing Canadian winters that we face each year. 

The Celebright permanent lighting that we offer here at Five Star Holiday Decor is built to endure the cold temperatures. The nightscape lighting from Celebright is built to continue working in temperatures as cold as -40. That’s pretty impressive. Don’t forget to ask your lighting company about this.

patio lighting hung in a backyard behind a house in the day time
  1. Will nightscape lighting increase the value of my home and property? 

Investing in nightscape lighting is investing in your home. So, is the investment worth it? Is there a good return? Check with your lighting company! 

When you purchase and have nightscape lighting installed, it will increase the property value of your home because it makes your outdoor space both safer and more usable. Potential future owners of your property will be enticed by the permanent nightscape lighting that you’ve had installed, making them more attracted to the home

Celebright permanent lighting specifically will be a huge addition to your home because it is not only permanent but can also be controlled directly from the new owner’s phone. This means that the handoff will be quick and simple for you and the new owner. Who wouldn’t want easy to use, environmentally-friendly, customizable, permanent nightscape lighting on their property? 

Once you’ve gone over these six important questions with your permanent lighting company, you’ll be ready to go! Double checking these things will ensure that you get the product you need and are very happy with your nightscape lighting in the end. 
If you have any questions about getting permanent nightscape lighting installed, feel free to leave a comment down below! Thanks for reading and we’ll catch you in the next one.

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