Why Permanent Lighting is the Best Choice for Your Home

Your home is your biggest asset. When choosing home improvement services or products, you want to make sure that your investment will be worth it. It’s also important to consider the value that home improvement services or products will provide to your overall property. Home additions such as outdoor lighting can add value to your home, increase your curb appeal, and offer a wide variety of other benefits to you as a homeowner in Edmonton. When it comes to lighting your home, permanent lighting, such as Celebright lighting truly is one of the most cost-effective and beneficial improvements you can make to your home. 

Today, we’re going to take you through a few of the reasons why permanent lighting is the best choice for your home, especially in Edmonton and the surrounding area!

Permanent lighting is environmentally friendly

This first reason is fairly simple but can be a huge benefit of permanent lighting in Edmonton for you and your family. Permanent lighting solutions, such as Celebright lighting which we use here at Five Star Holiday Decor, is LED lighting. LED lighting is not only better for the environment but also saves you money on your electricity bill while still providing the most vibrant, bright lighting. LED lighting will help you reduce your environmental footprint while still lighting up your home.

Permanent lighting saves you time and money 

Beyond the benefit of LED lighting, permanent lighting can also save you time and money on installation, maintenance, takedown, and storage of your lights. Regular holiday lighting typically requires installation, maintenance, and takedown every single year. Whether you’re doing these things yourself or hiring the professionals to do them, they’re costing you. If you’re spending your weekend putting up Christmas lights, fixing any issues with them, or taking them down, you’re missing out on time doing things you love with people you love. Or, on the other hand, if you’re hiring professionals every single year to take care of the installation, maintenance, takedown, and storage of your holiday lights, you’re spending money that could be spent better elsewhere. 

With permanent lighting solutions, such as Celebright lighting, you save both time and money. Installation becomes a one-time thing, rather than a yearly occurrence. Maintenance becomes much more worth it because of the minimal time you spend on it for the long lasting permanent lighting. Takedown and storage become entirely unnecessary. Therefore, you end up with more time and money on your hands and beautiful lighting that will last on your home. What a win!

Permanent lighting is invisible by day but brilliant by night

Celebright lighting, our chosen permanent lighting provider, is invisible by day but brilliant by night. Everyone loves the way that holiday lighting looks at night, standing out against the dark sky, but most holiday lighting isn’t the most appealing during the day. However, Celebright lighting is designed to stay subtle and hidden during the day. Celebright lighting is available in many colours so that you can customise your permanent lighting to match your roofline. This way, it blends in and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. However, when night time comes around and your lights come on, their brightness, brilliance, and beauty still stands out.

Permanent lighting is customizable 

From colours to schedule timing to brightness to patterns and more, permanent lighting solutions like Celebright are entirely customizable. Rather than sporting the exact same string of holiday lights as every neighbour on your street, permanent lighting helps your home to stand out as unique and brilliant. Celebright lighting offers over 16 million different colour options for your permanent lighting, leaving you with endless possibilities and complete creative control. Additionally, twinkles, chases, fades, and other patterns are all available to you as the controller and can be done in any colour you desire. If you prefer incredibly bright lighting on your roofline, you can turn brightness up all the way. However, if you’d rather keep the brightness slightly more lowkey, you can turn it down and let the colours shine more subtly. It’s all completely up to you.

Permanent lighting also means that you get to make your home festive for every holiday, occasion, and special event, rather than just for Christmas like most holiday lighting. Light up your home in pinks and reds to celebrate love day in February, let hues of green shine for Saint Patty’s Day, and surprise your children with a house lit up in their favourite colours for their birthdays throughout the year!

Permanent lighting can be controlled from your phone

Once your permanent lighting has been installed on your home, you get to control them directly from an app on your phone! Rather than needing to climb up a ladder, take down the lights, and reinstall a brand new set any time you want to try out a new colour, you get to simply open up your phone and choose whichever colour you like. Then, if you want to change them again in 10 minutes, it’s as easy as three clicks on your phone. Don’t like the current schedule you have your lights on? Don’t stress. Simply open up the app and switch it. Celebright lighting provides both Android and IOS apps for you to control your lighting from. But wait! It gets even better than that. Celebright lighting can be controlled from your app no matter where you are in the world. If you realise that you forgot to switch your lights to green for Saint Patty’s Day while on a beach in the Bahamas, you can simply switch them to green right then and there to make sure you’re going green in time for the holiday!

Permanent lighting keeps you and your home safer

Permanent lighting adds many safety features to your home as well. Right from the day of installation, permanent lighting is the safer option. With other holiday lighting options, you may have to be the one to climb the ladder to your roof to install your lights. However, with Celebright lighting through Five Star Holiday Decor, you get to stay safely on the ground while trained professionals with specific safety procedures, insurance, and WCB coverage climb the ladder and install your lights. In need of some light maintenance? Don’t grab the ladder! The professionals will take care of that as well so you can stay safe on the ground.

Once the lights have been installed, they will also help keep your home and family safer. A well lit home also reduces the chances of vandalism, security issues, breaking and entering, and more. Additionally, if you’re outside while it’s dark outside, the permanent lighting will also provide higher visibility for you, reducing chances of slipping, tripping, or falling.

Permanent lighting can be scheduled to run on its own

With permanent lighting such as Celebright lighting, you can set it and leave it. Whether you want the permanent lighting to turn on and off at specific times or when the sun rises and sets in your specific area, you can schedule them and then forget about it. If you’re not happy with the lights turning on at sunset and then off at sunrise, you can simply open your Celebright app on your smartphone and switch it to the new schedule that you want. These scheduling options leave the choice completely in your hands and let you set it and forget it.

So, there you have it – a few reasons why permanent lighting such as Celebright lighting is the best choice for your home. If you’re looking for professional permanent lighting installation here in Edmonton and the surrounding area, look no further. Here at Five Star Holiday Décor, we would be more than happy to provide you and your home with high-quality, customizable, convenient, and environmentally friendly permanent lighting! Call us today at 780- 628-2686 to get started on your Celebright permanent lighting installation today.

  • I found it interesting that you talk about the benefits of permanent lighting. Among the use of LED lighting, permanent lighting can also save you time and money on installation, maintenance, takedown, and storage of your lights. Traditional holiday lighting typically requires installation, maintenance, and takedown yearly. This December, I’m planning to install lighting at my home, and this is a great idea.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Dianne! If you’re looking for someone to help you with your lighting installation this year, don’t hesitate to reach out!

  • Light can be changed in anyone’s mode, a perfect combination of light make your home more beautiful.
    Thanks to the writer for the detailed analysis of permanent lighting. This article is full of information and great tips about lighting.

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