How to Professionally Decorate a Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are a staple for the holiday season. They are a source of joy and pleasure for the children who decorate them, and nothing creates a festive atmosphere better than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. So how can you decorate your tree in a way that looks as if professional Christmas tree decorators did it? 

To make your Christmas tree look its best, you need to start with a good tree. Artificial trees are available in different sizes and heights. In addition, they come in a variety of colours from white to green. You can also buy them with lights already attached. If you choose this type of tree, all you need to do is add decorations. 

If you choose to go with a live tree, make sure you get it from the companies that use sustainable practices. You can even get an evergreen plant in the pot that will keep growing after the Christmas season is over. However, some of it will require higher moisture levels to survive indoors. 

Make sure the tree is straight and adjust it if necessary. Before you start decorating your tree, choose a theme to work with. A theme will set the tone and materials. 

You can pick colours that go well with your existing furniture and décor. Although the tree doesn’t have to match the furniture, it can be a bright accent point that ties together different decorations in the room. If you want to give your home a festive, wintery feel, it is best to stick with reds, golds and whites. On the other hand, if you are looking for an earthier look, then opt for greens and browns.

It takes some thought and imagination to design a beautiful tree. Fewer colours sometimes mean a more sophisticated look, like silver and blue, green and gold, rose gold and silver. Professional Christmas tree decorators often use different sizes of balls of the same colours to create a stylish look – you can find sets of Christmas balls in one or two colours of various sizes.

Start by putting on the lights first. Arrange them in circle patterns going down from top to bottom. There are various lights on the market that will include multiple lighting patterns that you can change based on your mood or time of the day. 

Garlands are a fun way to decorate a tree – they create a stylish look and come in various colours and materials. To create a rustic look, you can use burlap or plaid garland and combine it with twig ornament and pine cones. Traditional Christmas colours – red, green, gold always go well with a rustic style. Natural decorations such as dried orange slices or wooden ornaments also go great with rustic style. 

If you like a more whimsical look, use a ribbon garland. The ribbons are great to fill any empty spots on a tree. Mix different sizes of balls to arrange on a tree. Put the bigger items closer to the bottom of the tree and lighter items – to the top.

Use a tree topper – a star or another decoration to top your tree and complete the look. And the last comes the tree skirt – you can choose the colour to match the style. If you are not sure which colour of the skirt to use, white will go with anything, and it looks like snow underneath the tree. Now your tree is ready. Enjoy.

If you are looking into adding more Christmas cheer, consider professional outdoor Christmas lighting decoration.

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