Take Your Holiday Décor to the Next Level with These 10 Christmas Lighting Ideas


This is not a drill, people. Christmas is getting closer by the day and the holiday cheer, beautiful holiday décor and lighting displays, cozy movie marathons, family time, and presents are so close we can almost feel them. We’re sure you can too.

In light of the holiday coming up very quickly, we wanted to provide a guide to taking your holiday décor to the next level this year. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, this is the year to upgrade your lighting. After spending the last few years isolated and unable to host large gatherings or events to celebrate the holidays, Christmas 2022 is ready to shine bright to make up for it.

So, let’s dive right in and discuss 10 Christmas lighting ideas to take your lighting to the next level this year!

1. Add some dripping icicle lights to your trees

These faux icicles, especially when paired with a tree wrapped in twinkling Christmas lights, add the perfect touch of movement and excitement to any holiday lighting display. As the lights move down the icicles, it creates the illusion of dripping icicles hanging from your tree. Santa’s sure to take a second glance at these ones as he passes by this holiday season!

2. Have permanent lighting installed on your home’s roofline

Permanent lighting will not only take your holiday décor to the next level this year, but will also help you maintain that high standard of décor for years to come. Permanent lighting is definitely the most cost-effective choice, allowing you to light up the holidays for decades. Celebright lighting, our permanent lighting solution, can actually be controlled directly from your phone! That means that you can celebrate each and every holiday each year with different colour patterns and designs. How fun!?

3. Tornado wrap your trees for that classic look

Everyone loves the classic tree wrap! Although you may not have this many large trees in your yard, a tree wrap is the perfect way to upgrade your holiday décor this year. Our team of professional lighting technicians can either tightly wrap the tornado for a flood of holiday cheer or wrap it a bit more spread out for a subtle look, according to your desires.

4. Decorate the bushes on your property

Bushes can easily go forgotten when it comes to holiday décor. Trees and rooflines are more commonly seen lit up, however, bush lighting can add a great light perimeter to your property and can be the cherry on top for your holiday lighting. It’s simple but makes your property sparkle.

5. Put up a light tunnel if you’re feelin’ really fancy

Ah, the infamous light tunnel. A great photo op and a beautiful display of colourful lights to light up the darker, colder months. A light tunnel is sure to make your property the talk of the town and, for business owners, will help you attract more visitors or customers. Whether you’re lighting the way to your storefront or celebrating a special festival or event, chat with our team today about a lighting tunnel.

6. Light up your storefront

If you’re a business owner in the Edmonton area, you likely understand how long the winter can be. Plus, you also likely understand the importance of making your space stand out to your customers. In case you missed it, we recently posted a blog called 5 Ways to Attract More Customers To Your Business This Holiday Season. Spoiler: lighting up your storefront is one of the best methods! Not only will it help your business to thrive throughout the winter, but will also spread some good ol’ holiday cheer.

7. Get temporary Christmas lights installed on your trim

If you’re a bit unsure about going with permanent Christmas lighting right away, temporary roofline lighting is the perfect choice for you. Especially because, here at Five Star, we offer a 3 year, rent-to-own program. When we provide temporary roofline lighting for you, we hand-string each set of lights according to your exact requested design. These lights are unique, visually appealing, and will help you celebrate Christmas in style this year (and for the next few years after that, too)!

8. Have some Mega Trees put up on your property

This may be ever-so-slightly biased, but we LOVE the look of Mega Trees on residential and commercial properties alike. These Mega Trees are, in fact, large (who would’ve guessed it?!) but they also have a delicate beauty about them. If you love the timeless classic Christmas tree look but don’t have trees on your property, this is the most fitting option for you. Our Mega Trees come in a few different sizes and can be lit up in whatever colours your heart desires. 

9. Run some holiday lights around your deciduous trees

Choosing a trunk wrap or branch wrap for your deciduous trees will really help your holiday décor to stand out and make a statement. The twinkling lights reach with the tree’s branches and extend the brilliance of the light up and out into the dark. We’ll make sure to wrap these lights according to the look your going for; you can light up your tree with 1, 2, or 4 rotations of lights per foot to align with your design.

10. Light up your walkway with fence or railing lighting

For homes and businesses alike, a well-lit walkway is not only beautiful but can also help keep you or your visitors safe during the winter. Icy walkways are dangerous enough on their own. Once you add low visibility and no light, they become even more sketchy. Lighting up your fence or railing along your walkways will help increase your overall safety AND will take your holiday lighting to the next level.

Voilà! If you try out one or all ten of these fun Christmas lighting ideas on your property this year, definitely send us a photo over on our social media pages. We’d love to see and share the beautiful designs!

Our team is always a phone call away if you’d like our professional help when transforming your property for the holiday season. These decorations are our specialty. Give us a call at 780-628-2686 to get started on designing your own personalized winter wonderland now!

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