FAQs – Low Cost Franchises For Sale

How easy is it to get started with a new franchise?

We streamline the process to make it as efficient as possible. We want to make sure you are a good match for our system and that we are a good match for you. Here are the steps to starting your new Five Star Holiday Decor Franchise, one of our low cost franchises for sale.

  1. We will call you for an introductory discussion so we can learn a little more about you and so you can ask any initial questions you may have.
  2. After the introductions we will provide more in-depth franchise details and a presentation for your specific opportunity.
  3. You will fill out a questionnaire to help us structure your personalized program.
  4. After reviewing your questionnaire and determining that you are a good fit for our program, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document which outlines our program in detail.
  5. We will put you in touch with some of our existing franchisees so you can gain more insight about our program.
  6. Our territory developer will finalize the details for you exclusive Five Star Holiday Decor geographical territory.
  7. After you provide the down payment to your franchisee, we will both sign the FDD and you will officially own your Five Star Holiday Decor franchise!

How long does it take to get started?

The earlier you start the better. Not only do you have an early choice to lock in your exclusive territory, but you will also get a head start in planning and marketing which will give you the best chance for solid numbers during your first season. Even though earlier is better, we can get you up and running in 3-5 weeks if you decide to buy one of our franchises for sale right before the season begins!

What are the tools and supplies I need to get started?

We will provide a complete list of tools and supplies with our training program. You can usually get started with $400 worth of materials for one of our low cost franchises.

What do I receive when buying a franchise?

You receive an exclusive territory, the brand, our specialized estimating software, customer management software, access to our product supply partnerships, marketing materials, 24/7 call center, a technology assistant, online marketing resources including SEO, SEM, Facebook, Twitter, and your own personalized Five Star Holiday Decor website.

How long does the holiday decor season last?

Installs typically take place between November and December. Take-downs are usually completed by the end of January. As your company grows you may find yourself extending your holiday decorating season from October to February to capitalize on additional opportunities.

How are lighting projects priced?

We have developed our own proprietary estimating software that simplifies the pricing model. Typically our lighting components are priced by linear foot. Our estimating software takes all inputs and calculates a margin-safe estimate to ensure profitability.

Is Five Star Holiday Decor product pricing competitive?

Absolutely. Since we are the manufacturer, we are able to provide you with materials at the lowest possible price point. These savings increase your margins while allowing you to offer your customers some of the best pricing in the industry. This is one of the ways we maintain our low cost franchises.

Where do I buy lighting and decor supplies?

We have an easy to use, secure online store that allows you to order products quickly and efficiently and get your products, supplies, tools, and marketing materials all in one place!

How do I learn how to do installs?

We have a detailed instructional DVD series as well as a hands-on training conference during the preseason period of each holiday season.

How big is my territory?

Single territories are usually around 75,000 households and can be mapped around areas you would prefer in your market.

Can I purchase more than one territory?

Yes. If you’d like to cover a larger area then purchasing multiple territories is an available option.