Franchise Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

  • Earn great sales margins with relatively low entry cost
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors by offering a unique service
  • Offer year-round employment to your valued workers
  • Generate a potentially substantial income in a short time frame
  • Use your existing client base to sell your service and use holiday leads to cross-sell your other services


Time is becoming increasingly more valuable to people, so service industries like holiday lighting are exploding! Holiday lighting has a high margin, which means that even during a six to eight week holiday season you have a great opportunity to make your business thrive. Outside the holiday season, you can further grow Five Star Holiday Decor as a stand-alone business opportunity by focusing on commercial opportunities, events, and other holidays.

Seasonal Business Owners

If you already own a seasonal business, you know how the droning slower months can wear on your crews and your own income. With Five Star Holiday Decor supplementing your current company, you can utilize your current client base during the holiday season, keep your crews busy and happy during the winter months, and utilize much of the equipment you may already have. Five Star Holiday Decor offers great seasonal franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs in all areas.

Augmented Income Seekers

It’s always nice to have a little extra cash lying around, and with such a short season (six to eight weeks), Five Star Holiday Decor could be the perfect opportunity to bring in some cash when a lot of people see the most financial strain. Holiday decor has a high margin, so even though the season is short, it’s better than having a supplemental part-time job!