There are businesses that dabble in creating holiday displays, and then there is Five Star Holiday Decor of Edmonton. At Five Star Holiday Decor of Edmonton we delight in Christmas lights and decorations. Our light installers are recognized by the industry as the professional Christmas light installers.

You can find these decorating options at Five Star Holiday Decor of Edmonton:

Complete Design: We can do a complete design, or you can help us with the planning. We want you to share your own unique vision for what you desire in your holiday decor. We will evaluate your property and map it out so that we know exactly where to place lights and other decorations. Our professionals will walk you through the whole design process and are more than happy to answer any questions you have. We take pride in making your Christmas wishes come to life. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Full Installation: At Five Star Holiday Decor we strive to keep your holiday decorations in top shape throughout the season. We make every effort to avoid future problems, but things do break down on occasion. Our technicians are happy to stop by and do any emergency repairs; they also will make at least two service visits throughout the holiday season to make sure everything is in proper working order. It is our goal to see that your winter wonderland looks its best all season long.

Every installation is different because we focus on the features of your property. To ensure we do no damage to your property, we use a great set of property-friendly fasteners and clips. We can schedule installations at times that are most convenient for you. Our friendly crew is ready to handle any job.

Timely Take-Down: Our work is not done when the holiday season is over. At Five Star Holiday Decor of Edmonton we will not only take your holiday decorations down, we will carefully pack them, and label each box. We will then load them in our truck to take back and store in our warehouse (saving you valuable storage space in your own home). Before we leave, our professional crew makes sure that your whole property looks better than it did when we started. Next year, when you need your house decorated, we have everything we need to re-create your magical winter wonderland.

In-Season Service: Our service is available during the whole holiday season. We install when you are ready, we take down the display when you call or otherwise arrange a time to do so. Hopefully these days will fall within the holiday season.

Five Star Holiday Decor is one of the true pioneers in the event and holiday decoration business. We offer a client friendly approach that offers you a wide variety of options to choose from. Together we will design and create a display that will showcase your property, and fill many lives with holiday cheer. Contact us today and let us create your magical holiday decor.