1. 2021 Wedding Lighting and Decoration Ideas

    2021 is all about new beginnings, and our team at Five Star Holiday Decor is ready to help our clients celebrate their events to the fullest this year! After so many weddings, holidays, and celebrations were postponed in 2020, our team is seeing a trend in bigger and better events. Are you planning …Read More

  2. Patio Lights Installation

    As the days become warmer having that relaxing evening outside with friends and family becomes a daily occurrence. Adding some carefully placed Patio Lights is an amazing addition to any patio, balcony, or deck. These incredible lights not only add a personal touch to your outdoor spaces, but they b…Read More

  3. Event and Wedding Lighting

    Our team of professional light installers are excited for Five Star Holiday Decor’s event and wedding season to kick off for 2021! Did you know that our décor experts provide beautiful custom event lighting displays and wedding lighting displays? This year more than ever we are excited to bring b…Read More

  4. Five Star Holiday Decor Professional Lighting Services

    Are you looking for a professional holiday lighting business in Edmonton or the surrounding areas? Then Five Star Holiday Décor might be the local business for you! With over 10 years of experience in the holiday lighting industry, our team of experts are ready to help build and install custom full…Read More

  5. Outdoor Commercial Lighting Packages | Five Star Holiday Decor

    Five Star Holiday Décor offers premium outdoor commercial lighting installation and decoration services. Our top of the line lighting and installation techniques will ensure a memorable display for you, your clients, and your team members. Our full-service package covers all aspects of the lights s…Read More

  6. Benefits of Having an Outdoor Commercial Lighting Package

    Our team at Five Star Holiday Décor is as busy as ever as we enter into the main part of our holiday lighting season! We are grateful for the opportunity to work with so many clients to build them custom holiday light displays and offer a full service no obligation package that they love! Five Star…Read More

  7. Holiday Light Traditions | Five Star Holiday Decor

    It is October and the holidays are on their way! Our holiday lighting installation season is in full swing here at Five Star Holiday Décor and our teams are hard at work installing residential Christmas lights and commercial Holiday décor A tradition is commonly known as the handing down of statem…Read More

  8. Incredible Christmas Light Shows

    It seems like certain things to do with Christmas, like snow sculptures and Christmas Lights, must be outdone by last year’s attempt. When the effort to be bigger and better than last year is a success, I find myself wondering if it’s possible to go beyond that. Especially when it comes to Chris…Read More

  9. 7 Christmas Decorating Ideas – Holiday Home Decoration List

    Ok, it’s time to decorate for Christmas. I know it’s exhausting, but the kids sure like it, and that includes the grownup kids. So on with the traditions and get out the decorations. Here are seven Christmas decorating ideas to get you started. Tree If you are seeking new ideas for your tree, so…Read More