Holiday Lighting Franchise

Five Star Holiday Décor got its start as a compliment to our existing seasonal business at Screen Savers Inc. The winter focused services offered a way to retain our star team members year-round and make the most of every season. We have since grown even more and provide a much wider range of lighting solutions. We offer event lighting services, like weddings and corporate events, patio lighting, Showhome and attention-grabbing commercial lighting solutions, as well as exploring lighting packages for other holidays, like Easter or Halloween.

Our brand continues to develop and grow through our partnership with the Mosaic Home Services group of companies. We are pleased to share our services through cross marketing opportunities with our six other affiliated brands.

Holiday Lighting

We have partnerships with the best providers in the industry, so we use professional grade lights and state of the art installation techniques that ensure our customers’ holiday displays are of the highest quality and beauty. The holiday lighting franchise stands by our Five Star customer service and our all-inclusive packages include everything from design recommendations, installation, season-long maintenance, removal, and storage. We give you all the tools you need to join our ranks of holiday lighting experts.

Environmentally Friendly Focus

At Five Star Holiday Décor, we aim to make as small a carbon footprint as possible, and that’s something a lot of our customers appreciate. We help our clients shift from incandescents and other older styles of lights to LED. Old incandescent lights and strings can be broken down and recycled in many regions. The new LED lights shine brighter, last longer, and use significantly less energy to operate. Shrink your environmental footprint without sacrificing your style by partnering with a green focused lighting franchise.