Five Star Holiday Decor Franchise

Five Star Holiday Decor, a member of the Mosaic Home Services group, started as a companion business to Screen Savers Plus. Because of the seasonality of screen work in Alberta, Five Star Holiday Decor was created for the off season of Screen Savers Plus and to fill the need to keep teams busy throughout the winter.

Mark Knoch and Ryan Stott founded the Five Star Holiday Decor franchise in 2008 as an extension of the Five Star Decor brand that started in Edmonton in 2010. Five Star Decor is now a North American franchise system specializing in residential, commercial, wedding, and special event lighting.

Currently, Five Star Holiday Decor works with other members of the Mosaic Home Services group; including roofers, landscapers, window washers and other seasonal businesses located throughout North America, to help them do the same through Five Star Holiday Decor franchises.